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Annual Cruise

Each year in June, members of America's Boating Club - Wilmington (both power and sail, and even folks with no boat will drive to some land-based activities) get together and cruise for one week to various destinations around the Chesapeake Bay.  The cruise usually includes marina, stays along with raft-ups and on the hook nights.  This caters to everyone's favorites, and makes sure we all get some shore leave!  Dinners are a mix of ashore in a restaurant, or potluck style. 

2023 Cruise News!

Check your email on 1/30/2023 for instructions to register by 2/15!

The following is a recap of our 2022 annual cruise:

The annual America’s Boating Club Wilmington, aka Wilmington Sail and Power Squadron’s, well-organized cruise, by the Zimmerman team, was a gorgeous start to our boating club’s summer sailing. The cruise kicked off at North Point Marina with an entertaining Mardi Gras planned, themed and decorated by Terry Butler and committee. We welcomed new members, Justin and Dana Doheny, and first time ABC-W cruisers George Reiner and Vicky Lai aboard ‘Seas The Day’ and Gail and Peter Weintraub aboard ‘Domino.’

We began the next day with a refreshing wind that pulled us down to the Severn River and Little Round Bay. Sweet sociable raft-ups ensued with a variety of food offerings created and shared. Aboard ‘Willow’, Mark Atkinson’s gumbo was by far my favorite; what a great flavor!

The next morning (and every morning after) we enjoyed sharing Laura Hepting’s, ‘Lady L’, delectable coffee cake. From there we drifted down to Herrington Harbor South for pool, pickleball, cribbage lessons and, of course, more food.

Then a flying 7-8 knot sail up to the Wye River for a friendly relaxing hike on Wye Island after another fun raft up (sadly no blind dinghy races due to wind). Next day we arrived at St. Michaels for bike rides, shopping, distillery tastings, group dinners and an informative fun tour of The Dove and the Chesapeake Bay Mari-time Museum. Some of the group then headed back home with weather concerns and were greeted by dolphins on the Chester River, while others ventured to the Rhode River for one more raft-up.

Not all went smoothly as all seamen know – one couple’s boat was not ready, resolved by the thoughtful invitation of other boaters taking on added crew, furlers broke, batteries died, repairs done in crazy wind, and conversations diagnosed malfunctions. However, with 16 boats full of many years of seamen’s skills, all was taken in stride. (Thanks to Scott, Dennis, and Bill for the high wind furler repair). What a rewarding and memorable way to meet people, become part of a boating community, and sink your keel into Chesapeake Bay boating adventures!



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